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CommandPost is CMP.LY’s patented Monitoring, Measurement & Insights (MMI) tool for managed social communications.

  • Optimize content & engagement strategies
  • Gain a deeper understanding of your audiences
  • Quantify & benchmark the value of your social initiatives
  • Translate social data into actionable insights

Do You Need Better Social Marketing Intelligence?

Here’s How CommandPost Can Help:

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Social marketing is an approach used to develop activities aimed at changing or maintaining people’s behavior for the benefit of individuals and society as a whole. Social marketing is a proven tool for influencing behavior in a sustainable and cost-effective way. The goal of social marketing is always to change or maintain how people behave, not what they think or how aware they are about an issue. Social marketing enables you to target your resources cost-effectively, and select interventions that have the best impact over time. Social marketing helps to ensure policy is based on an understanding of people’s lives, making policy goals realistic and achievable. Social marketing is very tiring and stressful. But everyone needs rest and to relax at least once in their lives. Visit holiday packages india 2016 to find the deal that fits your needs.

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